St. Paul’s First Lutheran School provides a host of other programs and activities for all ages throughout the year. Programs are designed to support the mission of the school and its objectives and goals, and are centered on Christian principles.

K4 Program – There is a growing need for a more focused developmental education before children enter kindergarten. St. Paul’s Pre-Kindergarten helps young children develop social, emotional and academic skills needed to succeed in Kindergarten and beyond.

 Extended School Program – We understand it is a working world for parents. St. Paul’s offers extended school hours for children who need supervision before or after the regular school day.

School Music – St. Paul’s First Lutheran School provides an array of musical offerings and experiences for all grade levels. These opportunities include choir/chorus, hand bell/tone chimes choirs, band (beginner and advanced), personal instrumental music lessons and drama/musical program.

Sports Programs – The St. Paul’s First Lutheran School athletics program aims to strengthen the talents and abilities of our students as well as develop qualities such as teamwork, dedication and Christian sportsmanship. Sports offered are softball, basketball, soccer, track, volleyball and flag football.


School Events – St. Paul’s First Lutheran School presents a number of events during the school year for the benefit of all the school families as well as to allow prospective students to see our school in action.

Fundraising – St. Paul’s First Lutheran School conducts two major fundraising events each year–our Fall Festival and our Spring Event (decided on by the Parent-Teacher Fellowship). We also have various ongoing  fundraising efforts–take a look!

Summer Programs –  Check out our Sizzling Summer Day Camp, Vacation Bible School and other great summer programs for your child!

All programs of the school are inclusive to involve as many children and/or parents as possible. The large variety of programs and activities provide opportunities for many areas of student/parent interest, skill and ability. The end goal is to give glory to God in all we do!