Online Giving to St. Paul’s First Lutheran

We support several methods of online giving to fit your personal preference. Online giving helps simplify life and allows supporters to give consistently even when you are unable to attend church.

  1. Use St. Paul’s First Lutheran secure website to give via eCheck. Money is withdrawn from your account and deposited directly into St. Paul’s First Lutheran’s account.
  2. Use St. Paul’s First Lutheran secure website using your debit card.
  3. Use St. Paul’s  First Lutheran secure website using your credit card.
  4. Use your bank’s online bill paying function. This process may vary but basically your bank sends a check on a regular basis to:

St. Paul’s First Lutheran Church
5244 Tujunga Avenue
North Hollywood, CA 91601

Call your bank to make the arrangement if you prefer this option.

There are fees (up to 4%) which will be paid by St. Paul’s First Lutheran, if you decide to give electronically.

Please consider adding this 4% to your gift as good stewards of the gifts God provides.

We appreciate the trust you place in St. Paul’s as your Gospel Partner.

We trust in the Lord to provide, but we are also dependent on the faithful giving of God’s people to support the ministry of St. Paul’s. Thank you for participating in our mission to spread the Gospel!


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