About Our Preschool

The mission of North Hollywood Christian Academy is to teach young children and their families about God’s love and His plan for salvation through Jesus Christ. We strive to guide them in applying their faith to life and sharing it with others, to furnish them with spiritual and educational support, and to provide them with social, mental, physical and emotional growth in a Christian environment.

Goals and Objectivesst. paul's north hollywood preschool

  • Assist our preschool families in teaching their children the truths of God’s wonderful plan of salvation for all people.
  • Help children grow in Christian stewardship of time, gifts, and talents.
  • Help each child express his/her faith as it pertains to relationships with others, especially peers.
  • Help each child develop his/her mental talents through new learning experiences.
  • Help children develop emotionally.
  • Help children learn to take care of their bodies, which are temples of God.
  • Help children become acquainted and comfortable within a school environment in preparation for Kindergarten.



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