Fun for Everyone!

St. Paul’s First Lutheran is a very family-oriented church and school. There are many events hosted by the church and school which are also open to preschoolers and their families. These events are a great opportunity to see more of our church and school and to meet other people at St. Paul’s who do not have children attending preschool.

Christmas and Easter for Kids are hosted by the St. Paul’s First Lutheran Church. Both of these events are open to preschoolers as well as school children in the lower grades, and our community. They are free, volunteer-driven events and we welcome you to bring your children and also to volunteer!

Fall Festival is our huge annual fundraising event. While it is officially hosted by the Parent-Teacher Fellowship (PTF), all school and preschool families are welcome and needed! Children and adults of all ages can help with this event, as well as enjoy it!

Food, fellowship, and treat sharing are the activities for young and old at Trunk or Treat. It is hosted by St. Paul’s First Lutheran School, but is open to preschool families also. The gates open at 5:00 for you to drive your decorated car, truck or van onto the school yard. Dinner is served from 5:30-6:30 and the treats will be shared for an hour after the meal. Adults and children are both welcome to dress in costume. The cost is $5 per person if you are joining in the meal. There will be limited space on the playground for vehicles, but plenty of space for everyone to come and share their treats!