Parent Teacher FellowshipOne of the keys to success at St. Paul’s First Lutheran School is the extensive parent involvement and volunteerism in the school. The St. Paul’s Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) leads an organized effort each year to support students and teachers. Parents, grandparents, and other dedicated school supporters volunteer their time by joining great minds and useful hands on one or more of the various PTF committees. Check the calendar for PTF meeting times!

The purpose of the Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) is as follows:

  1. Promote. Promote and support the ministry of the school and its staff.
  2. Communicate. Communicate information on the school’s ministry.
  3. Serve. Provide service opportunities for parents and teachers.
  4. Enrich. Organize educational programs, events and activities.

As parents of students at St. Paul’s, we are profoundly grateful for the opportunity to give our children a Christ-centered education. We recognize that St. Paul’s First Lutheran Church, School, and Preschool exist to preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, providing our children with an education that equips them for this present life as well as eternity beyond as redeemed children of God.

St. Pauls’ dedicated pastors, teachers and staff assist us, the parents, in promoting spiritual, academic, emotional, social and physical growth in keeping with our values. We believe that it is our duty and privilege as Christian parents to assist the ministry of the teachers and partner in the education of our children.

We are excited to invite you to join us in serving together!

PTF Meeting Minutes 9-29-2019