St Paul’s E-News for Saints Triumphant Sunday – November 13, 2015

E-News for Saints Triumphant Sunday – November 13, 2015

 “A multitude no one could count from every nation, language, tribe and people…”  


“We begin with the end in mind.” (Steven Covey) We end with forever. We end with “forever with the Lord.” We end with a reunion with all who have gone before us in Christ into glory. We end with a reunion of people from every nation, every clan, every genetic group and every language. This “end” reminds us that we begin with the gospel that creates faith in Jesus because only He is the door to heaven. We begin by bringing the gospel to “every nation, tribe, people and language” because we want them there with us in glory. No wonder the Bible teaches us to love our enemies. They may well be standing next to us in glory!


  • Jackson Robert Gusman, the healthy son of Ronnie and Shannon Gusman. He was born on November 9th and baptized on November 10th;
  • Terry Brenner with thanks to God for his mercy. Terry’s last CT scan was “cancer free.”
  • Ruby Morales, a friend of Mariella Fredo, who has health issues;
  • Dorothy Schmirtz, the aunt of Penny Newquist, who has lung cancer;
  • Our Thanksgiving and Christmas worship;
  • Our veterans in the St. Paul’s family and beyond;
  • Barbara Berger who is recovering from surgery at home;
  • Elsie Rivera who is dealing with chronic problems;
  • Domingo Rivera, the husband of Elsie Rivera, who is suffering from cancer;
  • Crystal Thompson who is suffering from ALS.


Time to buy more flour! We are going to be preparing cookie tins for delivery to our friends who need a little extra holiday cheer. Celeste Wiedmann is coordinating this effort. We will assemble the tins on Wednesday, December 9th after church. Please contact her if you have any questions.


Each year we set aside a few days to decorate our church for the Advent and Christmas season. Sherri Snyder coordinates and guides us through these preparations. Please join us:

  • Wednesday 11/25 – need some strong men and women to set up the tree after church.
  • Saturday 11/28 9:00 am – decorating begins.
  • Sunday 11/29 after church we will finish the decorating work.


We have two opportunities to donate food to needy people during the Thanksgiving season:

  • Please join us as our school children collect food for the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission to give people in need a meal during this Thanksgiving season. Collection barrels will be on campus for the next two weeks. The barrels will be picked up on Tuesday, November 24th.
  • Please donate generously as our Mercy Ministry team (Tom Weindorf is the team leader) distributes help for families just before Thanksgiving.


Your 2016 Team Request has been approved! Thank you for your request! As we proceed, you can expect the following steps to take place:

o   Your team request opportunity will be posted on our website or assigned to a particular school/organization if requested and recruitment will begin

o   Once recruitment has been completed, I will contact you with the team member information

o   You will receive regular communication from me throughout the process.

Kingdom Workers have brought many, many blessings to St. Paul’s and to mission fields around the world. Please visit their website and like their Facebook page. Above all, remember them and their volunteers in your prayers, with your home, and with your gifts.


Pastor Meitner’s Bible Class on Genesis meets in the chapel. Mr. Meitner’s teen Bible class meets in the Parkview Room. James Booth is leading our Sunday School class. That meets in Room 2 upstairs in the gym. Pastor Wiedmann’s Bible class on Psalms meets in Wagner Hall.


We have received our order of 200 DVD’s of the film My Son, My Savior. This is a powerful portrayal of the life of Jesus as seen through the eyes of his mother, Mary. Bruce Marchiano and Corrina Crade have the lead roles. You will remember Bruce Marchiano from the award winning biblical dramas, Road to Emmaus and Come Follow Me.

We will be sharing these DVD’s as part of our Christmas outreach efforts at Christmas for Kids and other events. You can do the same. The cost of the DVD’s was $2.00 each. If you would like to donate for this part of our work, please use the special offering envelope and mark it “DVD’s.”


On-going repair and maintenance are essential. This is how we “serve and keep” the blessings that God has given to us. We are gathering funds to repair and maintain our organ. In addition, the Council approved an essential roof replacement for grades 1-2. Earthquake damage etc. has dislodged the tiles.

Work is almost finished on the roof replacement. We thank the crew from Leonhardt Roofing for their quick and careful work that fit in perfectly with our busy school schedule and God’s weather plans. The cost of the roof replacement is $28,000. The crew saved a very large number of the old tiles, reducing our costs. Generous donations came in as soon as we asked in the amount of $1,670. Last week another $1,215 was given by God’s thankful people. We invite you to prayerfully consider joining in the work.

Part of a sprinkler system in the basement of the gym is ready to burst. We’ve allocated $3,500 for that work. You can help by remembering this church and its gospel work in your prayers every day. We thank God for the$600 donated last week. You can also help by donating either to the General Fund (though your regular Sunday offerings) or by special gifts. You can give those electronically as well.


November 13 – School Open House & Book Fair

November 20 – VIP Day


November 27-29 – Church Decorating for Christmas

December 2 – Mid-Week Advent Services of Hope 1:15 & 7:00 pm

December 4 – Preschool Craft Night and Kindergarten Open House

December 9 – Children’s Christmas Service of Peace (Grades 4-8) 7:00 pm

December 9 – Cookies for Shut-Ins – We’ll prepare the tins after the service.

December 12 – Christmas 4 Kids

December 17 – Children’s Christmas Service of Joy (Grades K-3) 6:340 pm

December 19 – Caroling at St. John’s 6:00 pm

December 24 – Christmas Eve Services of Love  7:00 & 10:00 pm

December 25 – Christmas Day Services of Truth 10:00 am

December 31 – New Year’s Eve Communion Services of Forgiveness Forever 6:00 pm

Print your tickets