School Tuition

St. Paul’s First Lutheran Church provides school tuition assistance to every child, as the operating cost of the school is approximately $8000 per student.

St. Paul’s supports the operation of the school with its assets and financial resources. Every school family contributes to the operation of the school through school tuition payments and miscellaneous fees.

Annual school tuition rates are reasonable and affordable as St. Paul’s First Lutheran Church provides school tuition assistance to every single child enrolled in the school. Tuition rates vary depending on the grade level and the number of children in a family. St. Paul’s congregation does not wish for finances to become an obstacle for any child to enjoy the tremendous blessings of Christian education at St. Paul’s School.

School Tuition Grants

Families for whom the blessings of the Christian education offered at St. Paul’s School are out of reach due their financial circumstances may apply for tuition assistance. Tuition grants are awarded based on need. It is understood that even with a school tuition grant, reasonable sacrifices may be necessary in order to afford the cost of Christian education at St. Paul’s. Parents paying school tuition at St. Paul’s recognize they are making a tremendous investment in their child’s temporal and eternal future.



St. Paul’s uses SMART Tuition Aid to process and evaluate all tuition assistance applications. Applications must be completed online at Applicants pay a $24.00 processing fee directly to SMART. SMART gathers financial information (including tax documents and W-2s) from each applicant and provides a detailed assessment to St. Paul’s. SMART provides a recommended tuition rate for each child. St. Paul’s makes the final decision when special circumstances need to be considered.

Tuition is collected by SMART tuition management services through monthly automatic deduction. No tuition payments are collected in the school office. If you decide to pay your tuition fees in full before the school year begins, you may deduct 4% from the total amount.

Discounts are given to families that enroll multiple children. If a sibling is enrolled full time in the preschool, a discount is given for the child enrolled in the grade school.

Tuition is collected on the fifth of each month. Delinquent accounts are assessed a $25.00 late charge. Accounts not paid on time are forwarded to the Board of Education. If accounts become delinquent more than 30 days, children may be excluded from enrollment immediately.

Prospective parents will want to meet with the principal to begin the application process, review the tuition rates, and consider tuition payment options.


REGISTRATION FEE: (This fee is non-refundable)

$525 per student with SMART application secures enrollment

$425 per student if paid before May 1st with SMART application


Parents pay an annual registration fee for each child that covers many miscellaneous expenses including books, supplies, yearbook, student testing, and student insurance. Registration paid by May 1st is discounted $100.


Before and after school care is offered every school day. The fees are $5.50 per hour when a prepayment of $80 per child is submitted. The fee is $12 per hour when no prepayment has been submitted. Partial hours are billed in 30-minute increments. Discounted monthly rates are also offered.