St. Paul’s First Lutheran School gives guidance and direction to parents, teachers, and students to operate our school in an orderly and God-pleasing way, as well as maintain a Christian environment in and out of the classroom. Safety, orderliness, clear expectations, communication, and Christian care are priorities in the policies in place at St. Paul’s. To review some of our policies, please also review our Guidelines. You may read the School Handbook here or contact the school office for a hard copy.

Daily Attendance and School Work

School hours are 8:15 am to 3:15 pm each school day with the exception of seven Friday 2:00 pm dismissal days. The school grounds open at 7:45 am. The morning child care program opens at 6:45 am. In the afternoon, the school gates are closed at 3:30 pm. Any children remaining on campus are checked into the extended school program which provides supervision for children until 6:00 pm. Parents pay a flexible hourly fee for use of this program. St. Paul’s has high expectations for attendance and completed school work. Children are expected to be in regular attendance every week and punctual each morning. All absences must be explained in writing. All class work assigned by the teacher is given a due date. Failure to hand in a complete assignment by the due date will result in a late assignment. Each teacher will make provisions for extenuating circumstances and will communicate these provisions to parents at the beginning of each school year. Each child is given 2 excused late assignments per quarter. For each late assignment after the second occurrence, a consequence will result as outlined in the School Handbook. St. Paul’s First Lutheran School expects all students to practice Christian love and concern in their daily interactions with their fellow students as well as their teachers and other elders.


Children attending St. Paul’s School are required to wear school uniforms. As Christians, the Lord expects us to dress modestly, not drawing attention to ourselves, but praising Him in all that we do. The Board of Education has a dress code in place which provides guidelines for clothing, shoes, outerwear, gym clothes, hair, makeup, and accessories. We provide uniform information at the start of each school year, but you may also contact us with any additional questions.