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St. Paul’s First Lutheran Church has served the North Hollywood church community and the San Fernando Valley with its proclamation of the Gospel For over 80 years.



St. Paul’s First Lutheran Preschool is a California-licensed preschool and strictly adheres to California preschool laws. We are located in beautiful North Hollywood, CA, and we provide children a Christ-centered education, and our goal is to nurture and train God’s lambs as followers of their Savior.

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Founders of St. Paul’s First Lutheran Church and School were committed to the principle “The soul of education is the education of the soul.”Dedicated to Christ and His Word, they believed an education needs to be directed not only at the mind, but also at the heart and soul.



Our congregation was started in the mid 1920s by Pastor Henry Schmidt. Throughout periods of prosperity and recession, peace and war, transformation and stability, St. Paul’s First Lutheran Church has remained committed to the mission that Jesus gave to his followers.

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  • Andy A.
    "The education at St Paul's is the best one can get for their children.  From the 4 year Kindergarten program-(just starting this year), pre-school, and  through 8th grade, they will get the best possible  education available at any cost.  They receive music education, sports, drama, arts, and much more that's not offered at many other schools. With of this type of education, they get so much self confidence because they perform with their classmates in front of the congregation and at other programs offered by the school. They are taught to be respecful of others, taught manners, and all with solid biblically based education. You can't go wrong here"
  • Jenny J.
    "I cannot say enough good things about St. Paul's First Lutheran school. Our family moved from Seattle to Los Angeles when my daughter was entering the fourth grade and a transition we thought would be difficult ended up being seamless and really wonderful thanks to this school. My daughter loves all the teachers there, she sings in the choir, plays trumpet, soccer, softball, basketball, performs in the plays and concerts and has made friends for life. The others parents we've met have been supportive and kind and we feel as though we are part of a big, inspiring family! St. Paul's has become our community. Great education, excellent staff!!!"
  • Bonnie C.
    "Looking back over the years our three daughters attended St. Pauls, we are so grateful for the foundation they received.  They had the opportunity to participate in both music and sports along with the academics ... all with the focus on God."
  • Barbara Becker Hartel
    "Great family feeling of safety, love, care and a great academic start to a lifetime ahead. Pre-K through 8th grade has everything in one location! Academics, Music, Sports, after care, lunches, Special Events, Drama, and a good Christian faculty and structural foundation. My children went here, you should have yours here too!"
  • Candy Lazarraga
    "The academic program is great, the faculty really care about the students, they put a lot of emphasis in integrity and spiritual growth. This school is really a blessing and we are really proud to be part of it."
  • Michelle Miller Meltner
    "We love St. Paul's First Lutheran School! We have one child in preschool, another in the K4 program and another in 2nd grade. They all love going to St. Paul's each day. The preschooler runs to school each morning and our 4 year old loves being in her 4 year old Kindergarten (K4) class. St. Paul's provides a great balance of art, science, gardening, academics,and fun within a Christian environment."