Students at St. Paul’s School wear uniforms that reflect who they are as part of St. Paul’s student body and as children of God. Children are required to wear specific colors and styles of uniform to create unity and uniformity among the student body from Kindergarten to 8th grade. The uniform policy takes much of the guess work out of shopping for school clothing and simplifies what to wear for the school day. The uniform policy eliminates “fashion” competition among students and promotes a unified standard of dress.

All students can choose to wear one of four colored polo shirts. Boys and girls have two color choices for shorts and pants. Girls have the option to wear a popular plaid color skirt, skort, or jumper. Girls also can wear a solid blue skirt or skort. All students are required to wear uniform outwear during colder weather. A popular option for cool weather is St. Paul’s Boosterwear.

St. Paul’s is proud of how its students present themselves in their attitude, conduct and manners. Their uniform clothing supports their pride and positive qualities.

You may also download our full uniform/dress code.