Helping Your Child Start Preschool

Picture books about the beginning of school can help to lessen apprehension, and more importantly, can open a channel of communication about school between you and your child – the start of a lifelong habit. Using children’s books can especially help in times of stress. Story characters who model successful adjustments are an excellent resource for children as well as parents. The following books will reinforce positive feelings about school as children work through first-time experiences.

Suggested Books to Read

  1. It’s Fun to Go to School by Joan Mellings
  2. My Nursery School by Harlow Rockwell
  3. Will I Have a Friend? by Miriam Cohen
  4. The First Day of School by Patricia Relf
  5. Peter Goes to School by Wanda Rogers House
  6. Betsy’s First Day at Nursery School by Gunilla Wolde
  7. Playbook by Gwenda Turner
  8. You Go Away by Dorothy Corey
  9. Starting School by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

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