Mailboxes are provided for parent’s convenience above the children’s cubbies. Please check boxes daily for newsletters, notes or other important information.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent teacher conferences will be held in November and April. At those times, parents who wish to set up a formal meeting to discuss progress or concerns about their child with the teacher may do so. Progress reports will also be sent home with each child.

Dressing for Preschool

Please dress your child in clothing that is comfortable, washable, and allows for self-dressing. We have a lot of fun and tend to get dirty. Simple play clothes free of complicated fasteners are advisable.

Please bring a complete change of clothing in a zip lock bag labeled with your child’s name. This will provide your child with clothing in case of an accident.

Nap Time

Please send a fitted crib sheet, appropriate-sized blanket and a “lovey” (if your child likes one) to nap with. The sheet and blanket will be sent home to be laundered weekly and must come back with your child on their first day back. A school sheet may be provided in case of emergency, but it must also be laundered and returned the following day. A $7.00 fee will be charged for school sheets not returned the next day.