St. Paul’s First Lutheran Preschool does a few year-round fundraisers as well as occasional fundraising events. All of our fundraising is completely optional for parents, but we are proud of the high level of parental involvement. The rewards are well worth it, as it provides fun for the parents and children and allows us to buy extra things to make our preschool better for our students! Below is a list of our fundraisers, and how you can participate.

General Mills Box Tops For Education

Your child can help you decorate a container to keep handy at home for storing boxtops. Fill it up and bring it in to the preschool! Each boxtop coupon is worth 10 cents for our school, and it is fun for children to collect them.

Search the web with and St. Paul’s will earn a penny for each search, thanks to their advertisers. You do not have to spend anything! Simply download the GoodSearch toolbar (powered by Yahoo!), enter “St. Paul’s First Lutheran Preschool” in the charity/school section.