Reading Curriculum

Our Language Arts program incorporates a strong phonics-based approach and a creative writing emphasis. Our goal is to use developmentally-appropriate practices to produce emergent reading and encourage young readers.

✔Auditory and Visual Discrimination
✔Left and Right Directionality
✔Comprehension of a Story
✔Sequencing of Events
✔Matching Upper and Lower Case Letters
✔Speaking in Complete Sentences
✔Speaking Comfortably in Front of Others
✔Using Descriptive Word in Sentences
✔Recognition of Rhyming Words
✔Reciting Nursery Rhymes
✔Ability to Count How Many Words in a Sentence
✔Contributing Orally to Class Discussions
✔Identifying “Before” and “After” Events
✔Making Predictions and Observations
✔Identifying Sight Words
✔Ability to Tell a Story
✔Writing in Journals Daily

Our school-wide computer program called “Accelerated Reader” is also available for kindergarten students who have become proficient readers.

Math Curriculum

To help prepare our children for success in math, we provide a program with varied learning opportunities that will develop strong thinking skills through hands-on exploration, and will lead to a solid understand of numbers, shapes and patterns.

✔Use of Manipulatives
✔Incorporation of Skills in Daily Routines
✔Calendar Date Number Sequencing
✔Day Patterning & Day Counting
✔Month patterning
✔Celebration of 100th Day
✔Working with numbers 0-20
✔Counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s
✔Creating and Extending Patterns
✔Telling Time
✔Money Recognition and Counting
✔Addition and Subtraction

Social Studies and Science

Kindergarten students love to explore the world in which they live! We use various ways to help the students learn about themselves and others, and to help them discover the wonderful earth God created. Each week there is a new theme in Kindergarten that will help students become involved in learning more about our neighborhood and community, our five senses, animals, holidays, seasons and places in the world.

Word of God Curriculum–The Christian Faith

We provide a Christ-centered environment in which children will have an opportunity to grow in their relationship of faith and life with God. They experience God’s love and forgiveness daily, through direct teaching of His Word, modeling, classroom living and discipline.

✔Scripture Lesson/Bible Story Taught Four Days a Week
(Monday and Thursday a new story is taught; Tuesday and Friday the children re-tell the previous days’ story or act it out)
✔Recitation of Bible verse called “Memory Treasure”
✔Entire School Attends Chapel Services on Wednesday (Parents are welcome to attend as well!)

Specialty Classes

Kindergarten students at St. Paul’s have the privilege of participating in art several times each week and music class four times each week with the optional choir participation. These specialty classes include:

✔Music Class with Kodaly Music Director Karl Bauer
✔Computer class in our Computer Lab
✔Field Trips

The Kindergarten program demonstrates careful planning and creativity as well as integration with overall educational program at St. Paul’s and the standards of the State of California.

For more information, you might be interested in contacting directly our Kindergarten teacher, Miss Terri Miller.