International Student Program Fees

The International Student program fees and tuition provide the international students with every educational course and all extra-curricular activities as well as housing and food for the 38-week school program.

Fees Schedule

$200               application fee (non-refundable)

$1000            registration fee (non-refundable)

$12,000         tuition (education and services)

$1000            school lunch (week day food service)

$6000            housing (homestay services)

$20,200        TOTAL FEES


Optional programs:

$2000 (approx.)            7-8th grade trip to Washington, D.C. and Virginia (6 days)

$280 (approx.)              8th grade trip to winter camp at Lake Arrowhead (5 days)

$250 (approx.)              5-6th grade trip to Catalina Island (3 days)

Program Overview

Program Checklist of Requirements

Admissions Application Procedures