International Admissions Checklist of Requirements

The following items must be included with the application for admission:

 ☐ International Student Application – All form pages must be completed in English

 ☐ Non-refundable International Application Fee of $200.00 U.S. Dollars

  ☐  Official Academic Transcripts in English for the Past Three (3) Years

  ☐  Letters of Recommendation from Principal/Headmaster and English Teacher

 ☐ English Test Scores (such as a Secondary Level English Proficiency (SLEP) test)

 ☐ Proof of Financial Support – Copy of official bank statement dated within the last six months listing parent’s/guardian’s name along with sufficient funds available is acceptable

 ☐ Copy of Student’s Official Passport and VISA

 ☐ Copy of Student’s Immunization Record

 ☐ Physician Report Certifying Good Physical Health

 ☐Recent Photo of Student


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